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EDC Scandinavia


Collecting Data in Life Science

Our mission is to plan, collect, and support electronic data capture using an effective combination of experience and knowledge, together with relevant services and support, to select and set up the technology.

Independent selection of the technology platform ensures the right solution for your company. This not only lowers costs, but the Knowledge-Based Planning & set-up offered by EDC Scandinavia prevents unnecessary changes, delays and other issues.

The personnel at EDC Scandinavia have in-depth experience in technology and drug development, so you can be very confident in the services we offer.


An electronic CRF improves the speed and quality of your study and provides considerable additional benefits. EDC Scandinavia promotes e-CRF capture using an open source technology solution.

e-PRO & e-Diaries

Using electronic Diaries to collect data via patient reported outcomes will increase the validity of your study.

You can use web, SMS, tablet or PDA to collect data instantaneously, allowing you to monitor subject progress and compliance in real-time


  • Electronic CRF
  • Electronic Patient Diary
  • Quality Register
  • Operations Management
  • Data Hosting and ​IT Management
  • Study Design and Building
  • ​Consultant Services
  • Training and Support

EDC Scandinavia works with validated solutions fulfilling regulatory requirements.

EDC Scandinavia is your partner offering a tailor-made solution

EDC Scandinavia is a joint venture company which was founded 2012 by three companies all working in the field of data management and biostatistics.

The company operates mainly on both the Scandinavian and European market.


All four owner companies have extensive industry experience in developing and running a number of EDC systems, as well as in data management and statistics.

The company is located in Lund, with representatives both in Stockholm and Copenhagen.

EDC Scandinavia collaborates with a network of consultants from the IT-technology and infrastructure branch.

EDC Scandinavia uses modern technology and EDC systems to collect data for Science and Society.


Magnus Värendh, Chief Operating Officer (Board Member)

Jan Kowalski, Chief Executive Officer (Board Member)

Krister Kristianson, Chief Technical Officer (Board Member)

Anders Mortin, Chief Strategic Officer (Board Member)

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